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B-connect® is LFM Group’s proprietary platform enabling the management of the working flow.  It is an open, flexible IT solution, designed to answer any project’s requirement. Thanks to its state-of-the-art technological standards, B-connect® is the most versatile system on the market; it may therefore be complementary to CRM, Asset Management, Content Management and ERP systems and easily connected to any other already operational device.


B-connect® is a very complex software, offering a wide range of integrated services comunicating with each other in real time. Thanks to its responsive design it is operational on any other device. Our clients can therefore visualize data on any system they choose, and not necessarily a computer. Flexibility and easy access are its main strong points.

Flexibility and easy access: our system’s strong points




check Real time data availability

check Statistical report editing

check Regular data sharing

check Activity Quality evaluation

check Retail & recap data management and release

check Field Team training and upgrading actions

check POS constant monitoring and product selection

check Image collection in relation to visit questionnaires

“Always with you. Anywhere you go.”

B-connect Director® can manage In-Store Promotion, Sales Specialists, Field Specialists, Merchandisers, Visual Merchandisers, Mistery Client, Store Staff Incentives, Incentive Programs and Drive 2 Store projects. Each client has a private access enabling to supervise on all activities – anywhere on the territory – in real time. Thanks to such a constant, punctual data monitoring action right on field, the reporting activity may be targeted at fully exploiting all information to implement changes and/or make fast decisions as the activity moves on.


B-connect® provides Trade Marketing with all the necessary information to analyse and present data in real time, as well as monitor ongoing activities (no. of daily visits, pos visited, cluster coverage ) and acquire further data details (visit questionnaires, surveys, images and graphics).


“Technical excellence & Support”

B-connect Academy® is an e-learning platform. A solution designed to train and accredit staff at the POS, agents and field specialists.

Its intelligent design allows the continuous survey of all training requirements around the territory, resulting in a dynamic, timely upgrade of learning schemes, up to the definition of actual customized training patterns.


“Increase performance. Save time and money.”

B-connect Arena®: the All-in-One video conference solution designed for web meetings, virtual classrooms and webinars. This is how we comunicate and collaborate “face-to-face” with our clients, colleagues and partners through group videoconferences. All participants can comunicate with each other in both audio and video mode, text one another and show PowerPoint/ PDF presentations, documents & HD images.


“Recruiting. Right selection, better results.”

B-connect Confluence® is the most powerful scouting portal you can find. Choosing the right resources is a top priority to ensure high quality working standards. We exploit the most performing recruiting channel, where candidates post their applications to become part of a staff operating on field.

<bcloudThrough our flexible and performing proprietary B-Cloud® platform, you can access data from just about anywhere, but in a safe and private way.


B-Cloud® allows the synchronization and distribution of multitasking device files (webdesktop-mobile), any file editing versioning, grants users access to single files as well as the opportunity to preview a number of documents without downloading them.

“Each need has its cloud / Different clouds for different needs”