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“The future belongs to those who believe
in the beauty of their dreams"
Eleanor Roosevelt


“Having an amazing idea is all well and good but seeing it through to the implementation and execution phase is just as important.

Henry Ford

LFM Group was founded in 1997, the year of Harry Potter’s first chapter, Stargate’s first tv series, the year when in the chess competition IBM’s Deep Blue vs Garry Kasparov a personal computer defeated a great master, for the first time.

It was also the year of Steve Jobs’s comeback to Apple, while we all danced with Daft Punk’s “Around the world ”.

That very year two people decided to start building up their dream.

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision

Peter Drucker

In 2001 the company acquired its current status, as well as the necessary organizational structure to compete on the market.

This has enabled us to work with top range multinationals, and contribute to major Brands’ success.

We provide a comprehensive service where Brand image is taken care of 100%, through the constant monitoring of all activities and the implementation of state-of-the-art technological support.

Zusammenhalt mit vielen Händen als Stapel


“Excellence means creating values over time”

Our vision does not restrict to immediate results, we rather aim at laying the basis to future achievements where substance and form both matter the same.


We are proud, enthusiastic and personally involved whatever we do.


We take on all aspects of our job with a positive, professional attitude.


Our keyword is  Commitment. Because nothing can be achieved without a true commitment.

Over the years we have had great satisfactions thanks to our motivated, determined and proactive team. We have trained ourselves to face up to fast evolving markets and increasingly more demanding challenges.

Each memeber is considered an incredibly valuable resource thanks to which the whole mechanism called LFM Group has now come to work out perfectly.

We strongly believe in human capital and the importance to work as a Team. Each member is given the chance to learn, grow up, work hard and find reward for it.

In such a fast growing globalised market, our greatest Corporate strength is the ability to work as a sinergy and easily adapt to its unstable and temporary  logic.

Our Partners have been the first to directly test our professional experience and stunning progress as, in these past the years, they have been turning to us to represent their image and sell their products. Our network, in fact, has grown enourmously together with the successful outcomes under our belt.

“Our staff, our strentgh”


We work to be a reference Group in the trading business, always seeking for short or long term excellent results.

Proud of our history, we will keep on working to strengthen our identity and foster our creative diversities.

We believe that practice makes perfect, we have made our experience on the field and this is how we have come to pinpoint our best practices.

• Be true: our values are deeply rooted in the way we work.  We act with integrity and opt for what is right, not easier.

• Aim for excellence: we live by the code that passion and fast solutions make the difference. And our clients know they do.

• Take care of our staff: our staff is our real asset, we invest in them and make them feel responsible in what they do.

• Be eager to learn: we have learnt to listen and we are always ready to pick up new challenges.

• Reach our target TOGETHER: we strongly believe in team work. Each new project creates a different interaction, a new sinergy which makes us stronger.

• Satisfy our client: we consider our clients the real focus of all our activities.

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