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“If you can dream it,
you can do it."
Walt Disney

blu2Sales and Retail




The purchase process is a crucial moment as 70% of the decisions are taken inside the store.


It is therefore extremely important to examine the reasons that lead to the purchase to gain the real insight into clients’ needs. That is exactly when – through effective brand experiences – their choice can be positively biassed and diverted onto our product. Our In-store activities focus on catching clients’ attention, bring them to opt for our products and therefore maximize sell out. This approach is not meant to work during promo days only, but to last over time as clients must be encouraged to visit store again.



check    Promoter & Hostess

check    Sales Specialist

check    Merchandiser

check    Field Support

check    Sales Force

check    Mistery Client

check    In-store events

check    Experential Marketing

check    Demo & Sampling

check    Store staff incentive

check    Training Ambassador

check    Consumer promotion


Experential MKTG - Sony Ericson


Create appeal around brand for clients to remember about it.


Increase visibility and build a relation between Brand and consumers to generate in-store traffic.


Translate clients’ needs into concrete actions.







check    Drive 2 Store

check    Guerrilla Marketing

check    Engagment Activity

check    In Mail Engagment

check    Demand generation

check    Trade Fair

check    Street Marketing

check    Flash Mob

check    Co-Marketing

check    Sponsorship