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“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress;
working together is success"
Henry Ford

verde2Team Building and Perfoming Services


Our Team Building activities base upon the construction, motivation and developent of business groups, implementing performance and team membership.

We offer experiential and coaching methodologies with the utimate objective of entertaining, involving and excitig our clients.

Would you like for your Team to act always as one, be cheerful, positive and ready to tackle any situation, anticipating and foreseeing needs, all with a smile on their face?

In order to create a light corporate atmosphere, your Team must bond together though effective communication and a relaxed mind.

Increase Action, Foster Enthusiasm and Create Team Spirit

Do you want your group to know how to manage risk and handle changes in our fast evolving society?

To build up a good relation with your client you need a gool level of communication.

Self-awareness and Problem Solving skills: start from here

Would you like to foster the creative side of your business by producing successful strategies which improve internal relations with your client?


To increase self-esteem, confidence and self-respect, one needs to learn to maximize one’s own resources letting creativity run free.

Base your future projects on innovative solutions


check Awaken creativity and fantasy

check Realize alternative creative strategies

check Increase trust among collegues and improve cooperation level

check Reach your goals in unconvetional ways

check Improvisation and risk managemet

check Recognize and appreciate one’s own strenghts

check Indepth study of body and movements

check Relax and free your energy by improving non verbal communication

Be there, think and learn through direct experience



TOUR OF THE ANCIENT ROMEclick for detail

Travel through time and find out about the Eternal City!
 A real treasure hunt around the ruins of the Ancient Rome, travelling into the past with a quiz, a picture, clues and mistery challenges to have fun together and discover a timeless city.

la dolce vita
LA DOLCE VITAclick for detail

If you are ready to smell the magic of the eternal city, get on a vespa, or bike around the monuments and secret passages of this timeless place. This team building has been designed for those who long for a uique, sensorial experience.

COOKING GAMEclick for detail

Nothing like a contest to foster team work! Members will bond together to make the best dish.

WEEKEND WITH MURDERclick for detail

Plunge yourrselves into the dark atmosphere of the crime.. only through team work will you be able to identify the author of this murder.

SURVIVAL ACTIVITYclick for detail

Adventure paths, orienteering and survival contests ... the best atmosphere to bring together your group.

COMPANY VIDEO CLIPclick for detail

It’s the latest trend involving even hundreds of people in  one videoclip. Just pick a song and the team wil work on its coreography.

SOFT ADVENTUREclick for detail

Outdoor fun games to test your teams through a tight competition, out of any familiar comfort zone.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!click for detail

Shoot your own advertising campaign, to promote your company in a whole brand new way.

OLIMPIC GAMESclick for detail

Loyalty and sport values is all you need in this exceptional adventure! The teams will be called to compete in the most diverse disciplines; from relay race to archery, from shot put to high win the highest step of the podium participants will have to show no fear for hard work and strong commitment!


TREASURE HUNTclick for detail

Run to uncover mysterious objects, solve riddles and take ability tests to find out the next location, seeking for the ultimate hidden treasure.
A fun team competition to test teamworking and problem solving abilities.


Test your ability with this intriguing treasure hunt! Your exclusive sense for style will make the difference...welcome to the sparkling world of fashion!

OFF ROAD CHALLENGEclick for detail

Are you ready for the most exciting off road adventure of your life? Throughout arduous paths your team will be put to the test through problem solving activities.

FLASH MOBclick for detail

An extremely involving, fun activity meant to trigger paticipants’ energy and enthusiasm for the same cause : give life to a fantastic flash mob created by the single sinergies which put together work like one!

SAILINGclick for detail

A sail boat is the perfect metaphore for corporate teamwork: sense of leadership, risk taking, common objectives and shared strategies; it’s all put to the test in the market’s open sea. Your crew will live an experience like no other thanks to a real boat race which will create a strong team ready for the highest commitment to taste victory in the open sea…just like in the open market!


ANGELS & DEMONSclick for detail

A truly emotional experience which will plunge participants into a different Dimension, giving them a real taste of action and/or romance. A case to be solved will bring them back to a farway historical age, in the frame of the most amazing monuments of Rome.


FARMERS FOR A DAYclick for detail

Get a taste of country life, away from stress and the city, ready to enjoy the simple things in direct contact with nature.

WORKS OF ARTclick for detail

The creative team building par excellence! Reproduce paintings and give life to works of art matching creativity with freedom of expression! You’ll be a famous artist for a day and will let your immagination run wild, supported by real masters.

BEACH GAMESclick for detail

A successful format for an awesome experience to live barefoot, on the sand. We will guide participants - through contests and fun games- to train their team spirit and sense of strategy.

DRAGON BOATclick for detail

“We are all on the same boat”; it sure does apply here! Dragon Boat is the perfect way to create a real bond among the members of a same team. United for the same cause, a thousand hands working as a whole...shared expertise and common strategies towards one common goal: victory!

COLORSclick for detail

Get yourselves some spray paint and a big white canvas; this exciting activity requires all participants’ collaboration to complete a customized “Graffiti”. Cooperation, problem solving skills and a strong interaction; here are the main ingredients to this super fun game!


COME-NESS EXPERIENCEclick for detail

When comedy meets business! It does not matter who you are, where you are from, what you do, or where you are going...Thanks to our acting coaches you will be shown and taught about the basics of comedy.

WORKSHOW ENGARDEclick for detail


Safety and credibility in putting up fights, punch-ups and duels!

CIRCUSclick for detail

A Team Building activity like no other: you will be given the chance to “learn” the circus art and find out about the tricks of the trade with real professionlas! A unique experience for those companies who want their employees to live an exceptional adventure.


ALWAYS ON TRACKclick for detail

Feel the adrenaline pump in a real track competition while learning driving techniques with highly qualified professional pilots, in utter safety.